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Fact sheet: OEMS Clients Can Now Buy and Sell with Caspian Pairs Trader


Alexandra Hamer

Alexandra Hamer

With Caspian Pairs Trader, Caspian OEMS clients can now simultaneously buy and sell multiple crypto securities on different exchanges to take advantage of temporary market inefficiencies. Features include:

Access multiple exchanges
Caspian’s market-leading price-spread and price-ratio pairs algorithms enable you to trade pairs using coins on any of the 35 exchanges Caspian is currently connected to, with coins on the same or different exchanges.

Simple set-up
Available out of the box with the Caspian OEMS, Pairs Trader requires minimal implementation time.

Access new strategies
With Caspian Pairs Trader you can now use statistical arbitrage or relative value crypto trading strategies to take advantage of currently inefficient crypto markets.

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