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HedgeWeek: New Research Focuses on OMS/EMS Total Cost of Ownership


Mark Dowd

Mark Dowd

New research by TORA, conducted in conjunction with Aite Group, has found that financial firms underestimate Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) and the costs their sell-side trading partners are absorbing on their behalf.

Lifting the Curtain on OMS/EMS Total Cost of Ownership examines the explicit and implicit costs of these systems and is based on in-depth interviews with heads of trading, chief technology officers and chief operating officers at global hedge funds. OMS/EMS TCO is a key consideration for all buy-side firms including long-only, pension funds, family offices and hedge funds. The research is designed to help firms understand the TCO of these systems which will be essential under MiFID II.

According to the research, buy-side firms will need to understand the TCO of their OMS/EMS platforms under MiFID II to avoid unintended inducements. Competition and regulatory pressures meanwhile, are leading funds to examine the TCO of their technology stacks to better understand the value of these systems to their firms.

Many firms remain unaware of, or significantly underestimate, how much their sell-side trading partners are paying to their OMS/EMS and FIX network providers on their behalf, and how this impacts the level of service they receive in return. The Indirect costs associated with OMS/EMS ownership including integrations and custom development often exceed the direct costs.

The report reveals that most hedge funds report using only 20 per cent to 30 per cent of the OMS/EMS functionality they pay for, and would prefer to pay for only the modules/functionality that they use. Cloud-based systems meanwhile, have the potential to deliver lower TCO.”

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