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Markets Media: Equities Leaders Summit Spotlight: Fixnetix


Alexandra Hamer

Alexandra Hamer

Over its almost 15 years in operation, Fixnetix has carved out a solid reputation for providing a wide range of managed solutions for electronic trading. But by 2020, the London-based firm anticipates it will instead be synonymous with the provision of the customized private cloud technology it provides to some of the industry’s most demanding investment banks, hedge funds, proprietary trading firms and exchanges.

“People think of Fixnetix and they think about our track-record in managed trading infrastructure solutions—ultra-low latency connectivity, market data, risk management, etc. While that remains a core part of our business, most of the conversations we are having with clients today is around the highly-bespoke private cloud offering,” said Business Development Manager Guy Cirillo.

The private cloud is a computing solution made available to select users via the internet or a private internal network which can be configured virtually or physically. While providing the same benefits as the public cloud—most notably in terms of scalability and elasticity—private cloud solutions provide additional levels of control, security and customization.

It is the backing by global IT services and solutions powerhouse DXC Technology which Cirillo says is key to Fixnetix’s evolution and will help it further cement its central role servicing the capital markets sector. DXC Technology, which has a market cap of approximately $10 billion and around 130,000 global employees, was formed in 2017 after Hewlett-Packard spun off its Enterprise Service segment and subsequently merged with Computer Science Corporation (CSC), which had itself acquired Fixnetix in 2015.

“Being part of the DXC Technology group allows Fixnetix to offer an enterprise-wide solution to clients,” said Cirillo. “And as a Fortune 500 company, it obviously provides us with a strong financial foundation with a healthy balance sheet and buying power.”

As an end-to-end IT services company, DXC Technology assists its clients in undertaking digital transformations by modernizing and integrating their mainstream IT for better business outcomes. Working across a diverse array of industries—including the insurance, banking, capital markets, healthcare and automotive sectors—DXC Technology provides a wide range of managed IT services such as hosting, business process automation, security and network analytics.

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