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Markets Media: CTOs Manage Tension


Mark Dowd

Mark Dowd

A delicate part of a machine suggests intricacy and quality of workmanship. But the innate delicateness also presents the drawback of fragility, which must be mitigated for the part to be useful.

That is the tightrope of sorts that technologists at trading-technology firms walk. Optimizing the countless parts that perform the granular work that helps clients trade faster and more reliably, while also ensuring those parts can withstand the storms of churning, high-volume markets.

“The markets have never been more complex, with the need to process exponentially increasing volumes of data, meet evolving regulatory requirements and continually account for changing trading venue requirements contributing to the challenge,” said Peter Maragos, CEO of Dash Financial Technologies. “The buy side rightfully expects their counterparties to have systems and procedures in place that prevent downtime and reduce risk, but implementing the myriad changes necessary to deal with this complexity is inherently laden with risk. Balancing the requirements of both exceptional reliability and adaptability is a technology challenge that we and many others in our industry put a tremendous amount of focus on.”

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