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Nasdaq Trade Talks: Jill Malandrino Interviews Jonathan Clark, CEO of Luminex


Sam Belden

Sam Belden

In early October, Nasdaq global markets reporter Jill Malandrino interviewed Jonathan Clark, CEO of Luminex Trading & Analytics, as part of a series of live Q&As from the Security Traders Association’s annual Market Structure Conference in Washington, D.C.

In the four-minute interview, Jill and Jonathan talk about topics like block trading, the biggest market-structure issues facing the buy side and much more. See below for a partial transcript:

Jill Malandrino: Let’s talk about buy-side trading and regulatory trends. Are institutional investors still committed to trading blocks?

Jonathan Clark: I think they are. Institutional traders are going to have a variety of orders that are going to hit their block. Some of these orders are going to be small in nature — we can fire those out electronically into the open market, perfect, easy-peasy. But these larger orders that these institutions sit on for managing a lot of 401(k) money, pension fund money, we’re talking about six, seven-figure sized orders, they’re going to need blocks. They’re going to need a way to move, buy and sell stock in larger quantities, because they’ll become more efficient.

Check out the full interview below:

If you want to watch Jill and Jonathan’s exchange on YouTube, click here.