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Integrity Research: Xignite Helps Financial Institutions Move Market Data to Cloud

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Xignite, a San Mateo, CA-based a provider of market data management and distribution solutions for financial services and Fintech companies, recently announced the launch of Xignite Enterprise Microservices, a suite of cloud-native software modules built to help firms store, distribute, manage and control market and financial data in the cloud.

The Xignite Enterprise Microservices runs on the firm’s cloud-based data distribution architecture developed over the past 10 years that currently supports more than 250 different data sources and 12 billion API calls per day for over 750 Fintech and financial services clients.

Microservices are a technology architecture where the core functionality is handled by loosely coupled, independently deployable software components that can work together or separately.  Consequently, this enables clients to pick and choose the functionality they want and scale them at the lowest possible cost.  Xignite Enterprise Microservices are vendor-agnostic and can enable clients to access any dataset they may license from the cloud from vendors like Bloomberg, FactSet, ICE Data Services, SIX Financial, as well as access their own in-house proprietary data.

The new product suite includes seven cloud-native microservices targeted to financial services,  Fintech firms, and exchanges.

Stephane Dubois, Founder and CEO of Xignite explains the new product launch, “We are incredibly excited to launch Xignite Enterprise Microservices, which we believe will truly revolutionize market data management.  The culmination of over 10 years of nonstop innovation, we have taken the cloud-native architecture that has powered some of world’s most prominent fintechs and scaled it to meet the unique requirements of institutional players that consume huge amounts of data but often have no way of integrating and optimizing it in an efficient and cost-effective way. …We firmly believe that offerings like these are the future of market data, and we are thrilled to once again take a leading role in the financial services industry’s continued digital transformation.”

NICE Actimize, a leading provider of financial crime risk management solutions, has recently announced that it has replaced its legacy data distribution solution with the Xignite Real-Time Microservice to onboard and manage co-located datafeeds from multiple sources.

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