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Integrity Research: Geolocation Data Provider Thasos Launches Quant Product

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Amanda Perrucci

Amanda Perrucci

Thasos, an alternative data firm specializing in geolocation data derived from mobile phones, is targeting quantitative hedge funds with new data feeds.  The firm is seeking expand its core customer set from long/short equity funds by enticing small quant funds with a three-month free trial.


The new offering, QStreams, provides subscribers with daily customer visitation and other fundamental metrics for each store, restaurant, factory, or other location owned or operated by more than 480 companies with nearly four years of history. Over 600,000 US properties are tracked.  Coverage in the retail and REIT segments includes every U.S. public company with more than $50 million in market capitalization (excluding retail companies that are mainly online.)

To attract smaller hedge funds, Thasos is offering three-month free trials of QStreams to hedge funds with under $1 billion in assets under management (AUM) attending the Battle of the Quants conference today and tomorrow.

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