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Integrity Research: Data Aggregator Knoema Creates Alt Data Repository for Pandemic


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Knoema, a data aggregator with over 3.2 billion time series from over 1,300 sources, acquired Adaptive Management and its alternative data platform previously marketed as DataMonster in February 2020.  For Knoema, the purchase provided entry into the financial segment, where it was little known.

Leveraging Adaptive Management’s alternative data sources, which include 215 vendors and nearly 1,300 alternative datasets in its Discover platform, Knoema launched an extensive free website for monitoring COVID-19 which includes multiple visualizations and dashboards.

The website includes alternative data from eight different providers: Advan (geolocation data), Apptopia (mobile app performance metrics), Cognovi Labs (AI-powered emotion analytics), Earnest Research (consumer analytics), M Science (consumer, industrials, tech, media and telecom), MedMine (medical devices and hospital supplies procurement data), Prosper Insights & Analytics (consumer confidence, spending and retail) and SimilarWeb (digital data).

Reflecting Knoema’s core data aggregation capabilities, the website also marshals a broad array of public data from sources such as The Center for Systems Science and Engineering at Johns Hopkins University, the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, the European Centre for Disease Prevention and Control, and the COVID Tracking Project.

The public data included in the website is downloadable.  The underlying data from alternative data providers is typically not accessible.  Instead, Knoema provides links to its catalogue of data providers or to the alternative data provider’s website.

The website is targeted to the general public, media outlets, and policy makers.   For policy makers, Knoema allows the creation of custom COVID-19-related data portals, catalogs and charts to support fact-based reporting and non-partisan policy making. Each of the coalition’s alternative data providers agreed to make some of their data available for free to this group.

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