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eFinancial Careers: How to Get into Fintech if You Can’t Code


Mark Dowd

Mark Dowd

Fintech firms are not only looking for coders — there are plenty of jobs available to people who have a less technical background. eFinancial Careers’ Dan Butcher talks with executives from across the industry, including LiquidityBook CRO Sean Sullivan, about the top roles available if you want to work in fintech, but are not a developer.

While there are far fewer traditional trading roles exist than a decade ago, the flip side of the disruptive forces that have caused the thinning has been the creation of a host of new roles at trading technology vendors. Though these firms need technologists, the importance of well-rounded sales, account management and sales-engineers to these vendors is critical as well.

Sullivan says a skilled relationship manager is someone who learns a client’s business and provides solutions that deliver value.

“Relationships are still important in this industry, but today they’re built on far more than just a shared experience at a ballgame or steak dinner. Everything about our business is more sophisticated and complex, so understanding – from a deep technical level – the client’s challenges, and how your technology can solve them is imperative.”

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