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Hartford Courant: Meet The Chinese Media Tycoon Behind West Hartford’s Tech Hub

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Sam Belden

Sam Belden

Chinese media mogul Bruno Wu already had a long history with his country’s entertainment industry when he was hired on last year to a flailing China media venture founded by professional wrestler Shane McMahon.

But the leaders of Wecast Network weren’t looking for entertainment expertise when they named Wu chairman and CEO, and renamed the business Seven Stars Cloud after Wu’s more successful conglomerate, Seven Stars Media Group.

They were looking for the other specialties Wu has learned as head of one of the largest private media and investment ventures in Asia — business management, internet services, finance and global trade.

These are the ingredients to the refocused Seven Stars Cloud, which announced plans Tuesday to build an innovation and technology headquarters in West Hartford.

While Wu, 51, maintains a legacy media business, he will now oversee Connecticut’s first major foray into blockchain, the digital ledger that made cryptocurrency possible 10 years ago by keeping transparent, secure logs of all transactions.

Experts say blockchain technology — a highly efficient and ultra-secure list of records that can grow continuously — will one day transform how to access untold services online, like banking, trade and insurance.

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