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Hartford Courant: Arrival Of Infosys And Seven Stars Raises Hopes For Financial Tech Future Of Hartford Region


Sam Belden

Sam Belden

A string of recent announcements promising jobs and private investment have raised hope that Hartford will become a hub for innovation in financial technology.

Stretching from one of the city’s oldest companies, Aetna, which is evolving into a digital health company, to a New York firm that plans to bring blockchain technology to West Hartford, to an Indian software giant that has selected Hartford for a regional headquarters, the developments offer a vision of a different future for a state mired in a stagnant economy that has largely failed to create jobs and attract new investment.

In the latest news, Seven Stars Cloud Group, a digital financial technology company, said last week that it would spend $283 million over the next five years to create a tech hub at the former UConn regional campus in West Hartford to develop services around artificial intelligence and blockchain, a secure tool for storing and sharing data. In the spring, Infosys announced it would create a regional tech and innovation hub in Hartford and hire 1,000 employees for its information technology and consulting business. Both companies will receive millions of dollars in state incentives.

To read the full article from the Hartford Courant, click here.

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