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Fundeye: Tom Gira Named STA’s 2020 Dictum Meum Pactum Award Recipient


Sam Belden

Sam Belden

The Security Traders Association (STA) has announced the late Tom Gira as the 2020 Dictum Meum Pactum (DMP) award recipient. The English translation of the Latin phrase should be known to any market participants as it’s written on the London Stock Exchange’s Coat of Arms, “My word is my bond”.

Over the course of his nearly three decades at FINRA, Mr Gira built an extensive legacy based on investor protection and market integrity.

After early-career stops at Nasdaq and the SEC’s Division of Market Regulation, he joined FINRA in 1992 and eventually rose to the title of Executive Vice President of Market Regulation and Transparency Services. Under his leadership, FINRA’s Market Regulation Department expanded to conduct cross-market surveillance of all U.S. equities markets and nearly half of U.S. options markets. Mr Gira passed away in June 2020.

The Dictum Meum Pactum Award recognizes individuals who have demonstrated a commitment to the betterment of the financial services industry and have exhibited acts of integrity at the highest level.

“The fact that U.S. markets are the most robust in the world is thanks in no small part to entities like FINRA, and over the course of his career Tom epitomized true regulatory leadership,” said Jim Toes, President and CEO of STA. “He was deeply knowledgeable and dedicated to his craft, as well as a friend to so many of us at STA. Since Tom’s passing, a remarkable number of individuals from around the industry have shared their memories. He touched so many lives while having a profound impact on our industry, so we could think of no better candidate to receive this year’s DMP Award.”

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