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Forbes: The Rise Of Smart Securities And Private Blockchains


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The offerings of digitized securities are expanding rapidly. In January, I attended Atomic Capital’s Digital Asset event, at which they announced a partnership with Agenus a Biotech company, offering a digital security around a drug in clinical trials. The initial asset to be tokenized is the future US asset sales of AGEN2034, a PD-1 inhibitor. They are calling it BEST – Biotech Electronic Security Token.

The same month, Templum announced a partnership with IPwe, the world’s first global patent transaction platform, to unlock the value of patents to qualified investors for an underutilized segment of the balance sheet. IPwe laid the groundwork for this new asset class by developing the artificial intelligence and Hyperledger-based tools needed to identify, research, maintain and transact in patents. This offers companies a new opportunity to obtain financing based on the investments they’ve made into their patent portfolio.

At the event, I was able to sit down with the extraordinary Vincent Molinari, CEO of Templum Markets and Co-Founder of Templum Inc. Vince is a well-recognized industry leader in digital securities, technology and regulation. Templum is a fintech and blockchain holding company that is focused on the modernization of securities laws that intersect with the emerging technology.

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