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FIXing the Industry: FIX Trading Community Talks Outsourced Trading, Post-Trade and New Initiatives in Boston

Sam Belden

Sam Belden

Last week at the FIX Trading Community’s Americas Trading Briefing in Boston, broker-dealers, asset managers and vendors came together at an event hosted by State Street Global Markets to discuss key issues facing the financial services industry. Three panels convened, with topics ranging from the rise of outsourced trading to the FIX protocol’s role in post-trade processes.

Attendees left with a number of takeaways, but perhaps none more important than this: when it comes to both the FIX protocol and the trading landscape in general, change is the only constant.

The recent surge in demand for outsourced trading solutions is a textbook example of buy-side behaviors adapting to new regulatory and technological realities. For asset managers, it has become increasingly expensive to stay in business; MiFID II compliance, costly trading tools and rapidly falling commissions are three of the primary culprits. As a result, buy-side firms are taking a hard look at their internal processes and making tough decisions as to which ones are worth keeping in-house.

Amid this tumult, outsourced trading has emerged as a popular solution. Once seen as a niche service for smaller funds that often lack the resources to run their own trading desks, buy-side firms of all sizes are now leveraging this model to drive a wide variety of efficiencies.

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