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Traders Magazine — Better Together: Driving Community, Collaboration and Interoperability at FinJS

Sam Belden

Sam Belden

In 2016, OpenFin founded FinJS, an annual series of conferences for the fintech industry. The following piece is by their VP of Community, Mitra Roknabadi.

Collaboration and community are key to success. They accelerate innovation, connecting an incredible number of talented people from across the industry to improve our workflows and our ability to interact with the market.

It was in this spirit that we launched FinJS, an annual series of conferences in the U.S. and Europe that brings together product managers, CTOs, development managers and technologists from some of the most groundbreaking firms in our space. Together, we are achieving truly transformative work, delivering (rather than simply demanding) sophisticated, secure software solutions for the financial services industry.

The latest incarnation of FinJS, now in its fourth year, was held in New York on Tuesday, March 19. All presenters were industry leaders who are passionate about their work, and it was clear they understood the importance of collaboration.

“Everybody’s heard me say it before, but it bears repeating: community is where it’s at,” said Kim Prado, Global Head of Fixed Income Credit and Sales Technology at RBC Capital Markets. “Partners, let’s work together to drive efficiencies and leapfrog to the next level.”

Prado’s team has worked directly with a number of firms to develop new solutions; for example, they connected RBC’s trading desk to AllianceBernstein’s, with the IT departments from both firms working closely together.

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