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Options Insider: Mark S. Longo Interviews Dash Financial Technologies CEO Peter Maragos


Sam Belden

Sam Belden

If you attended the 85th annual STA Market Structure Conference in Washington, D.C., you might have seen Peter Maragos, CEO of Dash Financial Technologies, take the stage as part of the panel on listed options. He was joined by professionals from Citi, Cboe and Two Sigma, tackling issues like CAT, regulation and big data.

While in DC, Peter appeared on Options Insider Radio, a top radio and podcast network for the options industry, and had a 20-minute conversation with Mark S. Longo that featured a number of topics, including:

  • Coming up for air after integration
  • The Advanced Portfolio Trading Solution
  • What brings Peter to STA?
  • Ensuring a level playing field
  • Transparency by design
  • Best execution is an art, not a science
  • How important is open outcry to their business?

Below, check out Peter’s explanation of Dash’s new Advanced Portfolio Trading Solution:

Mark S. Longo: You guys just launched your Advanced Portfolio Trading Solution. Sounds very advanced — what can you tell us about that?

Peter Maragos: It’s really exciting. We brought over two professionals, two domain experts in Barbara Francis and Jennifer Hubbs, who really understand this space. Basically it’s for people who are trading portfolios as portfolios, not just a basket of individual orders. It’s a really complicated solution in a market that has been growing. Through our technology and the know-how of our people, we have a product that’s effectively better than anything else out there. We’re really excited to bring it to the market.

To listen to the full interview, click here.