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Crypto – The Birth of an Asset Class, Caspian


Alexandra Hamer

Alexandra Hamer

Lewis Fellas is the Co-Founder and Chief Investment Officer at Bletchley Asset Management and a member of Caspian’s board of strategic advisors.

In his advisory role, Fellas works closely with CaspianCEO and Co-Founder Robert Dykes and the board on finding ways to give institutional firms greater access to the digital asset class. Fellas has over 19 years of investment, research and trading experience, and was a portfolio manager at Harvard University’s $39.2 billion endowment fund, before launching digital currency-focused asset manager Bletchley Park Asset Management in 2017.

BLOCK TRIBUNE: You launched digital asset hedge fund Bletchley Park Asset Management in 2017 after a long career in traditional asset management. What prompted you to take this step?

LEWIS FELLAS: I’ve been in crypto and Bitcoin from a very early stage. I was first alerted to Bitcoin during the financial crisis, tinkering with desktop mining, and then followed the trajectory of Bitcoin closely. But it’s only been since 2016 that I could see the potential genesis of a new asset class, where blockchain technology could be applied to the tokenization of equities and other financial assets. To me that seemed like a great entry point – it’s very rare that we see the birth of an asset class.

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