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CNBC Cites Thasos Group Data in Amazon Prime Day Segment

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CNBC retail reporter Courtney Reagan on Wednesday cited data from Thasos Group in an on-air report. Reagan used Thasos’ innovative foot-traffic data to explore the relationship between Amazon Prime Day and sales at big-box stores such as Target and Walmart.

Thasos converts real-time location data from mobile phones into actionable information, increasing transparency in businesses and markets around the world. With the latest advances in privacy technology, machine intelligence and distributed computing, Thasos’ broad range of end-users have access to thousands of indices tracking a wide variety of key performance metrics.

Check out a partial transcript of the CNBC segment below:

Jon Fortt: Courtney, I was wondering: aside from foot traffic, which does have some residual value, have the Targets and Walmarts of the world yet figured out how to capture a loyalty benefit from Prime Day? Because that’s really Amazon’s play, right? You need to be paying that hundred bucks a year, plus or minus an order, to get these deals. Do you have to be loyal to Target or Walmart to get these deals?

Courtney Reagan: I’m glad you brought that up. I actually did get some data from Thasos Group. What they said is that when they looked at Prime Day last year and the year before, the foot traffic in major retailers like the ones that you’re talking about actually didn’t see a change on Prime Day versus a normal foot traffic day. So it doesn’t appear that people are going to the store less if they may also be shopping on Amazon Prime on Prime Day. That’s kind of interesting, but the loyalty is definitely a stickiness factor that Amazon has figured out, Costco has figured out. The others, not as much.

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