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MarketBrains — Q&A Interview: AI’s Next Craze Will Be Explainable


Sam Belden

Sam Belden

Causality Link has launched an AI research platform that its team claims can “build a big-picture understanding of financial markets”.

The platform uses natural language processing and machine learning technologies to analyze tens of thousands of public and proprietary texts per day, and marries the knowledge gained from that analysis with big data to surface relationships in real-time.

The startup’s first partnership is with the Toulouse School of Economics, which will integrate a research library into the Causality Link platform.

The Utah-based AI startup is marketing to independent research firms and asset managers, and plans to charge $50,000 for a 6-month relationship.

MarketBrains talks to CEO Pierre Haren about why the next craze is going to be “explainable AI”.

MarketBrains: You are focusing on boutique asset managers as clients?

Pierre Haren: We certainly are talking to larger sell side banks and groups that have many analysts, and we think that’s a great opportunity for us, around collaboration in particular. But we think the independent research side is a spot where we can really innovate with a smaller company that is willing to take some gambles.

MB: Can you give me an example of the results you get in creating these causal links?

PH: We can now recognize 400 indicators, such as, steel consumption in China, the operating profit of a corporate, and we are able to parse text that feeds that model. Our prospective customers are very interested in pumping their own text through our system, which we’ve demonstrated using the hundreds of thousands of texts that they have produced over time.

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