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eFinancial Careers: Dash CEO – Buy-Side Trading Desks Will Soon be Mostly Technologists


Mark Dowd

Mark Dowd

A decade from now, maybe sooner, buy-side trading desks will be staffed almost exclusively by technologists, according to a top trading technology executive.

“I think you’ll see, in 10 years, the paradigm completely shift, where the buy-side [trading] desk will be staffed almost exclusively by technologists and perhaps a small group of experts who know where to go for specific, hard-to-find liquidity,” said Peter Maragos, co-founder and CEO of tech-focused brokerage Dash Financial Technologies.

Maragos doesn’t believe that automation on the trading floor of buy-side firms is simply about human casualties.  Automating many of the more manual, repetitive and time-consuming processes allows management teams to focus their human assets on projects that add more value, he said.

“Generally speaking I think that the electronification of our markets has been a huge positive for investors,” he said. “Whereas 10 years ago you had maybe one or two people on each buy-side desk that would be considered a technologist, that number is much higher now and will only increase.”

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