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Authority Magazine: Q&A With Visible Alpha CEO Scott Rosen


Amanda Perrucci

Amanda Perrucci

“Something that is important and incredibly timely now would be a movement toward respect and civility in the public space. We need to stop demonizing the other side and acting as though only our own views are worthy of consideration and start engaging with one another and working towards a common understanding. In all likelihood, we all want the same societal benefits but have different approaches on how to achieve them. If we were more respectful and open, we could accomplish so much more.”  Scott Rosen, CEO of Visible Alpha

Thank you so much for doing this with us! What is your “backstory”?

I began my career as a sell-side equity analyst in Hong Kong?—?I believe as the first brokerage analyst covering China, long before that market was open. I spent six years as an analyst and eventually a director of research before starting a small company focused on research dissemination, which was ultimately sold to I/B/E/S. I then served as the Director of Research for I/B/E/S, which was bought by Thomson Financial, where I was subsequently put in charge of Thomson Financial’s FirstCall research business and later Thomson Financial’s investment product and content strategies.

I took a break from the financial industry to pursue other passions, but I always felt drawn to come back to it, which is how I ended up as Entrepreneur in Residence for, a research distribution platform owned by a consortium of the world’s most prominent investment banks. I started working on a platform to aggregate and make sense of sell-side analyst models, and when was sold to Capital IQ, my project was carved out of the acquisition with the support of the banks, ultimately leading to the creation of Visible Alpha. My team continued to work through the challenges of making all models on a company easily comparable and creating a unique consensus on every line item. Though we’ve been working on it since 2011, Visible Alpha was formally established in 2015, and we continue to help investors identify unique perspectives on companies for their investment ideas.

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