Forefront Communications ​Wall Street Horizon CEO on Leveraging Alternative Data to Generate Alpha


Mark Dowd

Mark Dowd

As the data arms race in the investment industry continues to escalate, investors and traders are increasingly looking to sources off the beaten path to gain their edge. This, in turn, has led to the rise of alternative data providers as a key component for alpha generation. Beyond the traditional financial and economic numbers, investors and traders are now gleaning insight from unlikely datasets, including social media sentiment, satellite imagery, location-based check-ins, and more.

For event-driven financial firms that build their trades around date-specific market developments, nothing is more essential than the datasets that Wall Street Horizon delivers. From earnings dates, investment conferences, product release dates and even M&A activity events, Wall Street Horizon captures all potentially market-moving dates and delivers the data to clients through readable feeds to be easily incorporated into trading algorithms or financial models. Broadcast Contributor Silvia Davi had the opportunity to speak with Wall Street Horizon CEO Barry Star to learn more about how modern traders are utilizing the company’s datasets, and what more may be coming down the pipe.

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